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wandersword (ongoing) – T – 14.1k

a story of medieval Kalos, shadowy plots, onions, ancient gods, knights who know pokémon, living blades, kingdoms at war, and a lucario who never wanted to be a knight, but must become one anyway.

fantasy, medieval, angst, religion, lucario, sirfetch'd

rated T for strong language and violence. subject to change.

ao3ffnthousand roads

pokémon mystery dungeon: shadowblood excalibur ulysses great proletarian cultural revolution realm war democracy defender victory of liberty (ongoing) – T – 5.2k

joe biden, the president of the united states, has been subdued and imprisoned by an evil witch empress who has subverted democracy in america and deprived him of the legendary sword shadowblood excalibur, the blade that seals away authoritarianism. when he is whisked away to the mythical communist pokémon realm and incarnated as a bidoof, hoe is presented with an opportunity for adventure and redemption, and perhaps even the opportunity to recover the relic blade of communism's bane... but will the beloved uncle-in-chief be able to rise to the occasion?

humor, crackfic, pmd, political, bidoof

rated T for language.

thousand roads

without a master (one-shot) – T – 8.7k

team rocket grunt tetsuya has hit rock bottom, but for the first time in his life, he has something to lose. when he reconnects with an old friend, the perfect opportunity presents itself: to catch and traffic a legendary pokémon, hopefully allowing him to break from Rocket once and for all.

adventure, friendship, organized crime, scyther, zapdos

rated T for strong language and some violence.

ao3ffnthousand roads

the first golett (one-shot) – T – 4k

the humans had begun acting differently once they’d started laying those stones and building that large wall of theirs, so shah had urged melichi to be careful. melichi was not careful, of course. shah was to rescue him from their strange fortress tonight.

horror, occult, scrafty, gothitelle, golett

rated T for body horror and character death.

ao3ffnthousand roads