latest updates

30 jan, 2022: fanmon dex refresh

turns out it didn't take as long as i expected to get the backend of my fanmon dex moved over to the one used by serfetchdex, by which i mean it took exactly as long as expected and i've been doing nothing else for the past 24 hours.

anyway, the new qdex is live! it's all the same data as before as far as the actual pokémon go, but move, item, and ability data has been moved over, and it's going to be a lot easier to make new stuff in the future. obviously this is still very new, so if you notice anything weird, please let me know!

as far as future content goes, i'm aiming to release a review of pokémon legends: arceus sooner rather than later, but of course i'll need to finish the game first.

29 jan, 2022: new affiliate and fanfic updates!

howdy folks! small update here. i've updated the fanfiction section with a long-awaited chapter of my main fanfiction, wandersword, and added a new fanfiction as well: pokémon mystery dungeon: shadowblood excalibur ulysses great proletarian cultural revolution realm war democracy defender victory of liberty, a story about joe biden and his adventure through the world of pokémon mystery dungeon. feel free to give them a look if it interests you!

also, i'm very proud to announce serfetch'd's second affiliate, poképrint! this happened a bit ago, as you'll see on poképrint's main page, but this is the first update i've made to the website in a while, so i'm announcing it now. :p poképrint is an awesome website with a great style and loads of very useful printable content, as the name would suggest. please check it out! it's an honor to be affiliated with them.

at the moment, i have some things for the website in the works, mostly related to the pokédex(es). i'd like to add data about the new pokémon introduced in pokémon legends: arceus to the serfetchdex, and i'm also working on adapting the serfetchdex's backend for my own dex of fanmons, so keep an eye out for that!

5 nov, 2021: site refresh

lol at the last update saying to "stay tuned." hello like a year and a half later.

i am very proud to welcome serfetch's first affiliate, nose club! the webmaster, bluwiikoon, is a good friend of mine whose content i admire, and i'm very happy to be able to feature his site button on my footer. 😁 ever since i was a little kid, i've dreamed of running a pokémon that manages to affiliate with a site i respect, so i'm pretty happy. younger me would have been awestruck.

as far as site news goes, i've been up to a fair bit behind the scenes.

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14 aug, 2020: whoa, actual content!

i've been working pretty tirelessly on this website for the last week or so, and i've now got some content to show for it! check out my fanfic and fanmons whenever you get the chance. i've got some other stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

8 aug, 2020: hello, world!

a bunch of my friends have pokémon fansites, and it's gotten me all nostalgic and inspired to make my own. so, here we are after half a decade! excited to be here.

i'm not quite sure yet what i'll be putting up here. definitely some fanfiction, definitely some art, maybe a little bit of pokémon worldbuilding for good measure. guess we'll see where it goes!