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5 nov, 2021: site refresh

lol at the last update saying to "stay tuned." hello like a year and a half later.

i am very proud to welcome serfetch's first affiliate, nose club! the webmaster, bluwiikoon, is a good friend of mine whose content i admire, and i'm very happy to be able to feature his site button on my footer. 😁 ever since i was a little kid, i've dreamed of running a pokémon that manages to affiliate with a site i respect, so i'm pretty happy. younger me would have been awestruck.

as far as site news goes, i've been up to a fair bit behind the scenes.

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14 aug, 2020: whoa, actual content!

i've been working pretty tirelessly on this website for the last week or so, and i've now got some content to show for it! check out my fanfic and fanmons whenever you get the chance. i've got some other stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

8 aug, 2020: hello, world!

a bunch of my friends have pokémon fansites, and it's gotten me all nostalgic and inspired to make my own. so, here we are after half a decade! excited to be here.

i'm not quite sure yet what i'll be putting up here. definitely some fanfiction, definitely some art, maybe a little bit of pokémon worldbuilding for good measure. guess we'll see where it goes!