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5 nov, 2021: site refresh

lol at the last update saying to "stay tuned." hello like a year and a half later.

i am very proud to welcome serfetch's first affiliate, nose club! the webmaster, bluwiikoon, is a good friend of mine whose content i admire, and i'm very happy to be able to feature his site button on my footer. 😁 ever since i was a little kid, i've dreamed of running a pokémon that manages to affiliate with a site i respect, so i'm pretty happy. younger me would have been awestruck.

as far as site news goes, i've been up to a fair bit behind the scenes. i accidentally lost, like, all the code for this website (lmao), so i've spent the last week or so reverse-engineering it. i ended up making some pretty big changes to the website under the hood that should let me add more dynamic content in the future. i've also given the default light mode theme a bit of an update to make it less eye-searing. style preference is stored in a cookie now rather than local storage, which is accessible by the back end, so flickering should be reduced, i hope. i'll see about updating the dark theme sometime soon, and possibly creating more, god willing. these new changes may require a reload of the website to propagate (try shift+refresh!), so expect a little weirdness from your browser for a while.

the major front-facing change i've made with this update has been to the fanfiction section. i've added a couple of recently-written one-shots, and i've also created a new reader mode-esque style to make reading on here a bit more pleasant. please check my new stories out!

i've also added a link to my pokédex project to the main navigation! it's not completely finished, but i think it's in a presentable state, so i decided to just bite the bullet and link to it. i've worked very hard on this, so i hope you enjoy it!

on that note, i hope to update the fanmon section soon to use the same back-end as the dex website, which should make it a lot more dynamic and also a lot easier for me to play with in the future. for now, i've converted all the pokédex pages to static ones, which hopefully shouldn't change anything on your end, but hey, who knows.

i've moved a lot of stuff around to get all this working, so there may be issues with the website that have escaped my notice—if you see any, please drop me a line!