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hi. i'm kyeugh, pronounced like Q. i'm a web and software developer, and a big fan of pokémon. my favorite pokémon is farfetch'd, and my favorite types are fairy and flying. some non-pokémon things i'm interested in are fantasy, speculative evolution, alternative music, and grand strategy games.

i engage with the fandom in lots of ways, including making art, writing fanfiction, and creating software tools. lots of my friends have pokémon fansites, and i have plenty of fandom material to post, so it seemed like it would be fun to make one of my own. the website is a little scant right now, but one day i hope for it to hold lots of fanfiction, art, opinion and analysis pieces, game data, fanmon, and more.

if you'd like to get in touch with me, either to discuss the site or just to shoot the breeze, you can reach me on the platforms below. they're arranged by how frequently i check them.


wanna link to me? below are some 88x31 site buttons like from the days of yore. feel free to pop one on your site! clicking one of the buttons will copy HTML to your clipboard that you can paste onto your own webpage. if you'd like to affiliate, please reach out at one of the contact methods above!