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29 jan, 2022: new affiliate and fanfic updates!

howdy folks! small update here. i've updated the fanfiction section with a long-awaited chapter of my main fanfiction, wandersword, and added a new fanfiction as well: pokémon mystery dungeon: shadowblood excalibur ulysses great proletarian cultural revolution realm war democracy defender victory of liberty, a story about joe biden and his adventure through the world of pokémon mystery dungeon. feel free to give them a look if it interests you!

also, i'm very proud to announce serfetch'd's second affiliate, poképrint! this happened a bit ago, as you'll see on poképrint's main page, but this is the first update i've made to the website in a while, so i'm announcing it now. :p poképrint is an awesome website with a great style and loads of very useful printable content, as the name would suggest. please check it out! it's an honor to be affiliated with them.

at the moment, i have some things for the website in the works, mostly related to the pokédex(es). i'd like to add data about the new pokémon introduced in pokémon legends: arceus to the serfetchdex, and i'm also working on adapting the serfetchdex's backend for my own dex of fanmons, so keep an eye out for that!